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Follow these steps to register your team or teams for WY Club Volleyball events:

  1. Complete 2024 SEEDING FORM

  2. Create an account on

  3. Create a club on

    • CLUB NAME: Full name of your club (ex. Rise Volleyball Academy)

    • CLUB ALIAS: Short name for your club (ex. Rise). Check the box to allow the system to use your CLUB ALIAS when creating team names in the system.

  4.  Create your team or teams on

    • Under the “teams” tab, click “Add Team”

    • Team Name: Do not put club name in this field, just the specific team name (ex. 18 Steve). The club name will automatically be added to this when you register for events.

    • Gender: If the team is 100% female, select female. If 100% male, select male. If a mix, even if only one person, then put co-ed.

    • Type: Juniors

    • Age group: age of the OLDEST player on the team on June 30, 2024

    • Team Rank: This is the ranking of this team within your club. If you have more than one team in an age group (ex. you have three 15u teams) you must rank them based on your own internal ranking.

    • Verified rosters are required for each club - please bring a printed roster for each TEAM to each tournament

  5. Register for the WYO Club Volleyball tournaments

    • Click on the “Enter Events” tab

    • Type “WYO” into the search box or select WYOMING from the state list

    • Click the GREEN “Register” button on the far right of the event you are entering

    • Select a division for the teams you are registering for this event. Keep in mind you will only be able to select divisions for teams that meet the age requirements for the event you are entering.

    • Click “Submit Pending Registrations”

  6. Submit your VERIFIED ROSTERS for each event

    • Import your players from AAU into TM2

    • For each event, include ALL PLAYERS who will compete

    • Submit your verified roster for every event your teams are playing in

  7. Teams are accepted once payment is complete AND verified rosters have been submitted.


You may send a check by mail to:


WYO Club Volleyball

1675 Bowman Ave.

Sheridan, WY 82801

Payments can be made with a credit card within TM2Sign or via check.

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