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All ROSTERS must be VERIFIED on TM2.

Coaches must bring a PRINTED roster from TM2 to each event.


Rules and Regulations

1. Every participant at Wyoming AAU Events must have an AAU membership. This includes coaches, assistants, chaperones, site coordinators, tournament directors, officials, and athletes. Athletes may only be listed on ONE roster and compete for ONE TEAM during a tournament. If an athlete is listed on two rosters, both teams will be disqualified immediately.

*Valid rosters must be submitted online via at least one week prior to each tournament.*

2. The AAU Volleyball Handbook and Regulations will be followed by all participants.

3. Registration for each tournament MUST be completed (registered AND paid) at least FOUR weeks in advance of each scheduled tournament date. 

  • Cancellations made more than 2 weeks before an event will be subject to a 50% refund.

  • No refund requests will be granted for teams that cancel 10 days or less before an event. The entire registration fee is forfeit (0% refund) for ANY and ALL circumstances. 

NO SHOWs are particularly difficult and expensive for all involved.

  • NO SHOWs is defined as not showing up and not notifying WYO Club at least 7 days in advance

  • For this reason, in addition to forfeiting the entire registration fee (NO refund), WYO Club Volleyball reserves the right to assign fines, revoke registrations, and/or suspend teams who NO SHOW for the rest of the season.

4. Uniforms are required. However, Enforcement of uniform requirements will be more flexible for teams only attending local AAU events, but rules should be communicated to the coach and club in case they might attend any national-level events.

5. Every division in every age group will just play 2 sets to 25 with a cap at 27 during pool play (unless specifically mentioned otherwise in the tournament format). All tournament bracket matches in every age group and division will play best 2 out of 3 with no cap in every set (unless specifically mentioned otherwise in the tournament format). Teams should expect in our one-day tournaments to play at least 6-8 sets (typically at least 3-4 matches) and 14 sets (typically at least 7 matches) at our two-day events. A single-elimination tournament bracket typically follows pool play. We try to format every division with 4 teams to a pool, but there will be exceptions beyond our control. Lower brackets will get later time slots.

Teams WILL NOT switch sides at set, unless there is an advantage on one side of the court. If there is an advantage to playing on one side of the court, teams will switch sides each set.


  • U10 divisions will play with the 5-serve rule in place.

  • U10 divisions will allow a 6'6" step-in for serving; foot faults must be called.


  • Warm ups will be a 5-5 format. 5 minutes on (serving included). "Off" team must shag for "on" team.

  • 3 & 4-Team pools will begin at 8:00 AM; games will be played to 25.

  • 5 Team pools will begin at 8:00 AM; pool games will be played to 15, bracket games to 21.

6. BOYS & AGE WAIVERSFor AAU WYO girls club volleyball events boys will be allowed to participate but the individual(s) must be 14 years-old or younger and only two may be on the court at the same time. Boys and age waivered girls are not allowed to play in any Grand Prix or Super Regional events. If a team with boys or any age waivered girls is in the finals of a particular division, they will be expected to move up to the next division or age group for their future events.

  • Age waivers will be approved on a case-by-case basis after submitting our Age Waiver Request form.

  • Age waivered athletes must be listed on the printed team roster for each event they play in.

7. The service line for 12 & under teams in the lowest Division can be moved up 3'3¾" (1 meter) for all teams in that division (at the discretion of the tournament host). All 12 & Under teams in all other divisions are NOT allowed to step into the court when serving. 

  • Footfalls will be called for all divisions and age groups for ALL events.

8. The net height should be 2.24 m (7’4⅛ ”) for female 13-18s teams and 2.13 m (7’0”) for female 12 and under teams. The net height should be 2.43 m (7’11⅝”) for male 15-18s teams and 2.24 m (7’4⅛”) for male 13-14s teams and is 2.13 m (7’0”) for male 12 and under teams. The net height should be 1.98 m (6'6") for 10 and under teams.

9. NEW for 2023 - Jewelry is allowed but only at the official’s discretion.

10. OFFICIATING & SCORING - A rostered adult is required to be the second referee for ALL BRACKET matches in every division. We want to avoid putting kids in a difficult situation interacting with adult coaches especially during high stakes matches. The only exception to this will be if BOTH playing teams coaches agree to allow a player to work as the down ref ONLY prior to the beginning of the match.

  • Rostered adult MUST be the second referee & is responsible for officiating the match (exception for pool play)

  • For all 12 and under divisions, an adult coach or parent chaperone MUST do the scoresheet correctly.

  • For all 13-15 divisions, an adult must be at the score table ensuring the book is done properly.

  • For all 16 and older divisions, properly trained athletes may do the book with no adult present.

  • The first referee MUST verify the scoresheet at the end of the match for accurate score and results of match.

11. NEW and UPDATED for 2023 - All divisions will just play 2 sets to 25 with a cap at 27 during pool play and look at match results, set results within their pool to determine bracket placement. They will NOT play any tie-breaking matches (unless specifically mentioned otherwise in the tournament format ie: at our Grand Prix and Super Regional tournaments).

12. POOL TO BRACKET FORMAT - teams will be ranked within their pool based on set W/L percentage and then point differential. Teams will NOT be ranked head-to-head. Teams will not be ranked outside of their own pool.

The bracket will be manually updated if a teams is incorrectly placed playing a team from their same pool for bracket play in the first round.


At the conclusion of a pool, the pool finish positions of the teams are determined by their pool match records.


If there is a tie in match record among 2 or more teams in the pool, tie(s) will be resolved using the USAV GJNC
National Tie Break Rules procedures as follows:


Even in 3 team pools where all 3 sets are required to be played, match record - not set record - will determine
a team’s finish in the pool.

TWO-WAY TIES: 2 teams tied in match record for pool play

There will be no tie breaker sets.

Point percentage will be used (points FOR divided by total points AGAINST).

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